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The Secret to Thicker Shiny Hair - it's not what you think

We’ve been taught as a society to reach for a pill when something's wrong. A quick fix, often with a sting in the tail that’s rarely mentioned.

For thicker hair, people like to think a tablet is the answer (effortless and instant) and for a small percentage with nutritional deficiencies it can improve hair quality. Styling products too can make a dramatic temporary difference. But a more permanent and natural change needs a slightly longer time horizon, and a tad more effort.

You see, for the vast majority of people they already have the thicker hair they want in that first few inches near the scalp. Feel yours. Now slide your fingers down to feel the same hair at the ends. Thick shiny supple at one end - thinner dull and brittle at the other. How did that happen? Lifestyle. Too much taken out. Not enough put back. Result - hair depletes week by week giving you the difference you see and feel from ends to tips. So for most people there’s little wrong with the metabolism, and fresh hair pumps out quite happily.

A few lifestyle improvements will benefit. A healthy body will more likely produce healthy hair. If your diet is poor a better one will certainly help a little, and regular head massage maybe a soupçon more. But if the hair at the root is already good, the problem is on the outside.

Once it emerges from the scalp, hair is no longer connected to your metabolism. But it’s an organic material and just as with cut flowers, if you don’t water them they shrivel and die pretty quickly. If you don’t feed and protect your hair, it dries out, shrinks, breaks and splits.

99% of the haircare sold as being moisturising/hydrating/treating is nothing more than a cosmetic mask that varnishes the hair to look good today and in many cases dries it out further, weakening it for next time. The hair product industry is way behind skin products. That market is clearly divided into skin care and make-up. We know that living in eye shadow 24/7 isn’t skincare. But for hair, it’s all called haircare and yet most is hair make-up.

Looking after the fresh hair you have is the main driver of thicker shiny hair overall. Very few products offer the protective care that both enhances and retains structure so you keep what you have. It’s what makes Kevin Murphy Pre-wash Treatment so unique. A deeply penetrating, restoring, replenishing and protecting treatment that’s so easy to use as it goes on dry hair before washing. Protecting the hair you have, so you naturally get to keep more of it. Less thinning, less breakage, less splitting, less colour-fade.

Kevin Murphy Pre-wash Treatment, Kevin Murphy UV Leave-in Treatment, Kevin Murphy DeepSleep Overnight Treatment and the kevin Murphy Ultra Intense Pre-wash Treatment

Over the years we’ve extended the product to meet different needs. Kevin Murphy UV Leave-in Treatment became the leave-in anti frizz, sun protector and blowdry balm. Kevin Murphy Deep Sleep Treatment the overnight aid to healthy sleep and a hair treatment in one.

I hope that explanation helps. We understand hair. It’s what we do all day and I know that everyone can have better hair if they play their part.

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