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10 Hair Hacks To Try Out

Channel your inner stylist with 10 easy, at-home hair hacks that will leave you feeling glam, pampered, and ready for anything.

Explore our favourite hair hacks below.


Now that we all have a bit more time at home, why not embrace the air-dry? After washing and conditioning your hair, squeeze out all excess moisture, brush through and add in a leave-in conditioner or styler. The AZURE Smooth & Curl Miracle Lotion works perfectly, reducing frizz and retaining curl memory, leaving your hair with an effortless natural wave. You could leave it at that or wait until your hair is about 80% dry before creating your bouncy blow-dry or leaving until 100% dry and tidying it up with your tongs or straightener. Giving your hair some room to breathe every so often will reduce breakage and leave your hair feeling healthier and stronger than ever. 2. SWAP YOUR TOWEL FOR A T - SHIRT No, the lockdown hasn’t driven us mad just yet. Using a towel to roughly dry your hair can cause breakage and is incredibly damaging if you are trying to promote your natural curl. Using a cotton t-shirt or microfibre towel to squeeze out water instead can boost hair health and improve texture. 3. RELAX, GIVE YOUR CONDITIONER TIME TO SINK IN Ever wonder why your hair looks so ‘meh’ even after you pile on your favourite conditioner? It could be that you aren’t giving it enough time to do its magic. If you smooth on conditioner only to wash it off 30 seconds later, you probably won’t see the results you want. Let your conditioner sink in for at least two or three minutes before you rinse. For extra indulgence, treat your hair to a conditioning mask, leaving it for a few hours works wonders, overnight is even better. Tip, use a shower cap to catch any drips and protect your sheets. 4. HIDE YOUR ROOTS WITH A ZIG ZAG PARTING While the salons are closed, roots can become a major headache. But before you reach for a damaging box dye, why not switch up your parting? Using the end of a comb to create a zigzag part to blur root lines and hide the fact that you are a few inches overdue for your colour job. Side partings and styles that add volume are also easy looks that can help to soften and camouflage root growth. 5. POINT CUT A TROUBLESOME FRINGE Can’t remember a time when you could see clearly? It’s time to tackle your overgrown fringe, and with salons closed that means going DIY. The easiest (and simplest) way to tackle an overgrown fringe is to embrace a sweeping side fringe. But for something a little more permanent, you’re going to need sharp (hairdressing) scissors and a can-do attitude. Only trim dry hair that is styled as you would usually wear it. Then clip back the rest of your hair and comb out your fringe. Now, turn scissors upwards and carefully point cut hair to take away bulk and length softly without accidentally shearing off a chunk. Take your time and always go a bit longer than you think you need to. 6. DEEP CLEAN YOUR HAIRBRUSH You use your brush every day, but when was the last time you thought about cleaning it? Brushes can quickly be overwhelmed by product, dust, and hair and skin residue – meaning they become dirty and stop performing like they should. You should aim to deep clean your brush at least once a month. Start by removing and disposing of hair build-up using the end of a comb or scissors. Now, fill a container with warm water and a few drops of gentle shampoo. You can add a teaspoon or two of baking powder for a more intense clean. Let it soak for five minutes, rinse clean and air dry. Voila! Your favourite brush is as good as new! 7. CREATE SPIRAL CURLS BY TWISTING HAIR BEFORE USING YOUR CURLING TONG Want to channel your inner Disney princess? Whether you’re an Ariel or an Elsa, we have a hack for you. To create ultra-glam spiral curls that last, twist each section of hair before spritzing with heat protection spray and wrapping around your curling tong. You’ll have a full head of tumbling curls in a flash. 8. STAIGHTEN BRAIDS FOR INSTANT WAVES Looking for volume in a hurry? Separate hair into 4 and tightly braid each section. Now, spritz with heat protection spray and run over each braid with straightening irons. Allow to cool and gently tease out with your fingertips. Gorgeous, beachy waves in a flash! 9. CREATE A FULLER PONYTAIL WITH THE DOUBLE - PONYTAIL TRICK Want to create a full, glam pony without extensions? This two-minute hack will change your life. Separate your hair from ear to ear and create a high pony with the top section of hair. Now, create a pony directly below this with the bottom section of hair. Finally, take a small section of hair and wrap it around the base of both ponytails to complete the illusion and add extra drama by creating texture with a curling iron. 10. CREATE OVERNIGHT VOLUME WITH A HIGH BUN Sick of waking up to flat, uninspiring hair but don’t want to blow dry every day? Try rocking a simple updo while you sleep. By twisting your hair into a high bun while you catch some ZZZs, you can add overnight volume and make sure you always say good morning to full, bouncy tresses.

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