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Coconut Flaxseed Bread

For anyone that avoids gluten or dairy, this is a simple bread that’s also great toasted. No kneading is required so don’t forget your barbell workout that morning.

Coconut Flaxseed Bread Gluten-free & Vegan

Ingredients: 130g coconut flour 65g flaxseed + 360ml water 100ml water 4 tbsp coconut oil (melted) 1 tbsp maple syrup 2 tsp vanilla extract ½ tsp bicarbonate of soda

Method: Preheat oven to 175⁰C. Line a 2lb cake tin.

Mix the flaxseed in a bowl with 360ml water, then leave to stand for 10 mins. In the mean-time mix all the other ingredients together in a large bowl and then add the flaxseed mixture. Place this in the prepared tin, smoothing with the back of a spoon.

Place in the oven for appx 50-60 mins, the edges and top will have browned and it will be firm to touch. Allow to cool fully before slicing.


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