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Puff Pastry Mince Pies

It's Christmas, and thank you, I don't mind if I do - yes, I like a mince pie. But often with the ones I'm offered, I find the balance of pastry overwhelms the filling. These aren't quite the traditional pastry mince pies, but are made from puff pastry to be lighter, airier and absolutely delicious.

Puff Pastry Mince Pies

Ingredients:1 Puff pastry ready rolled sheet320g jar mincemeatEgg-washFlaked almondsIcing sugar

Method Preheat oven to 200⁰C.Take the puff pastry sheet out of the fridge and unroll onto a clean lightly floured work surface. Spread a thin layer of mincemeat over the entire pastry, and then roll the pastry up (like a swiss roll, widthways). Place back in the fridge for 20 mins. Take out and with a sharp knife cut it into appx. 24 slices.

Place each pie flat side down either on to a prepared baking tray lined with parchment paper, or you can place each one in the individual hole of a greased muffin tray, (as they may keep their shape a little better). Egg wash the top of each and then sprinkle flaked almonds over the top. Place in the oven for appx. 18 mins, until pastry has puffed and browned.

Take out the oven and allow to cool, then sprinkle with icing sugar. Ask the family to form an orderly queue. These disappear fast.


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