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Sweet Pastry Mince Pies

This is my more traditional alternative to last week's puff pastry version. Smaller than usual and with a high filling to pastry ratio, they disappear comfortably and deliciously in one, but perhaps take a bite in polite company.

Sweet Pastry Mince Pies

Ingredients:(this will make 20 mince pies, 6.5 x 2.3cm tart tins)

Casing:175g plain flour62.5g unsalted butter  (room temp)62.5g caster sugar1 egg + ½ a yolkIcing sugarPinch of salt

Filling:Mincemeat - Buy a good quality mincemeat – 320g jar

Star Topper:Puff pastry rollEgg-wash

MethodBeat the butter, sugar and salt together, then add the egg and flour. Continue to beat until all the ingredients have come together. Roll the dough into a ball and place in the fridge for an hour before using, (although it can be left in the fridge for a week, or frozen).

Preheat oven to 180⁰C.

Take the pastry out of the fridge and allow to rest for 10 -20 mins.

Lightly flour a clean work surface and roll out the pastry to about 2cm thick. Use a round cookie cutter, larger than the tin and cut out discs. Place one lightly over one of the tins and lightly press into the mould. Do this with all moulds and then use a fork to pierce the base of the pastry, adding baking bans and then place in the over for appx. 12 mins, until lightly browned. Take out the oven and allow to cool. Turn oven up to 200⁰C.

Once cooled, take the rolled puff pastry out the fridge, unroll and on a lightly floured work surface roll out a piece of pastry to about 2cm thick. Using a star cookie cutter, cut out enough stars to place onto of your mince pies.

Egg-wash the top of each star and place the mince pies in the oven for appx. 12-15 mins, until the puff pastry has risen. Take out the oven, allow to cool completely, then sprinkle with icing sugar.


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