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Summer is the time of year that we all look forward to! But as much as we love spending time outdoors and soaking up the sun, we dread the damage it can cause to our hair. The higher temperatures, humidity, and UV rays can all spell disaster for our precious locks. However, there are ways you can keep your hair healthy during the summer months without sacrificing fun in the sun. In this post, we’ll be sharing some useful tips for keeping your hair healthy and shiny this summer.

Invest in UV protection for your hair

Just like you protect your skin from harmful UV rays, you need to give the same attention to your hair. Exposure to the sun can lead to dry, lacklustre strands or worse- breakage! So it’s important to use a conditioner or hair product that provides UV protection. There are various types available, such as sprays, creams, and even leave-in conditioners, that can help prevent the sun’s harmful rays from damaging your hair.

Avoid washing your hair too often

While we all love the feeling of freshly washed hair, it’s essential to reduce the frequency of washing your hair during the summer months. Over-washing can strip your hair of natural oils, leaving it dry and fragile. Invest in a good dry shampoo that you can use between washes to keep your hair looking fresh.

Hydrate your hair

Just like your body, your hair needs hydration to withstand the hot summer weather. You can keep your hair hydrated by using a leave-in conditioner, hair oil, or serum. Additionally, make sure you’re drinking enough water to hydrate your hair from the inside out.

Protect your hair from chlorine and saltwater

Summertime often means pool and beach days! But exposure to chlorine from the pool or saltwater from the ocean can severely damage your hair. The chemicals in chlorine can cause dryness, breakage, and even change your hair colour. On the other hand, the high salt content in the ocean can lead to tangling, dryness, and an itchy scalp. To protect your hair, wear a swimming cap or hair wrap before entering the water, it will help in keeping your strands safe.

Trim your hair regularly

Regular trimming not only gets rid of split ends but also keeps your hair healthy and voluminous. Frizzy, damaged ends can make your hair look dull and lifeless, but trimming it every few months can help to prevent damage and keep it healthy.

These tips are some of the best ways to maintain healthy hair during summer. With just a few minor tweaks to your hair care routine, you can keep your hair shiny, healthy, and in great condition. Whether it’s protecting it from the sun, avoiding over-washing, or hydrating it from the inside out, our tips will surely be helpful in keeping your hair at its best. So go outside and enjoy the summer months without worrying about your hair. Just remember to take proper care and make these tips your go-to this season. Have fun!

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