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How to Handle Curly Hair

Wavy and curly hair can be the most enchantingly gorgeous, but for some people it can be a beast to manage. Here we go through the whys and the wherefores to understanding your hair type from straight to coily. It's the basis of getting better results.

Straight hair has a cylindrical hair shaft. Wavier hair has a more ovular cross section. The flatter the oval the curlier the hair. Hair isn’t normally one type all over the scalp and parts are likely to have more wave or kinks, even on visibly straight hair. This can also change during life through hormonal fluctuations or drug treatments.

Types 3a-3c can generally respond well to different styling say if you wanted the hair smooth. 4a – 4c are fragile and drier, so regular heat processes are not recommended.

Chemical straighteners may help lessen the need for heat styling, but an easier life will be had by relying on the the haircut to give shape and form to the natural beauty more often. Rich conditioning and styling products that smooth the curl but allow more natural drying are best.

Generally the curlier the hair, the more dry, coarse and fragile. This will mean richer products for condition and different techniques and products for styling.

Shampoos & Conditioners

Choose your shampoo based on the root hair type or scalp condition, and choose the conditioner based on the mid-lengths and ends. Use a rich and gentle shampoo for dry wavy or curly hair. A high quality shampoo may use some gentle sulphates in the right quantity for cleansing, balanced with lots of nutrients for hair.

Poor quality shampoos most likely use too much of a harsh sulphate cleanser and no healthy nutrients to counterbalance the cleansing. Sulphates in themselves are not the devil despite much misinformation on the web and in print.

Find a level of moisturising that works for your length and style. Not all curly hair needs heavyweight moisturising.

Avoid silicones and other plasticisers in shampoos. Whilst they will reduce frizz today they can dry the hair out further meaning you will work harder next time as the hair becomes more fragile and brittle.

Don’t swirl the hair around when shampooing. Use your fingers to gently comb through and keep in line whilst massaging gently.

Use the best conditioner spread evenly across palms and applied to hair. Comb thoroughly for even distribution. Rinse enough. Comb through again.

Styling Products

Choosing the right products to match the hair type and texture will make home styling a joy. All our products are designed to move the hair towards healthy shiny flexible natural feeling hair.

Styling products for curly hair need to have an emphasis on moisturising and feeding. Avoid high alcohol-content products. General tips

Curls and coils may zig-zag, the surface cuticle is often less smooth, and the hair is more prone to go into different directions leading to more frizz, snagging and tangling.

Keeping the hair flowing in the same direction will make the curls and waves look healthier and more defined. Think cotton in the form of cottonwool or cotton thread. This is particularly important when washing the hair not to create unnecessary tangles.

Silk pillowcases can help reduce friction on the surface of the hair and hair rubbing against itself. Both will leave curly hair more fluffy and frizzy-looking. Try a loose plait at night before bed to avoid the beginnings of dreadlocks in the nape.

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